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Several ideas have gone through my head about gravity manipulation in Astroneer. Please comment if you have a better idea for upgrades.

One: A player upgrade that allows walking on walls and ceilings at the cost of 1 bar of suit power every ten seconds resulting in 100 seconds of wall/ceiling walking (unless a battery is used)

Two: A vehicle upgrade for small and medium rovers only (or maybe just small) that allows wall/ceiling driving at a slightly faster power drain than normal, which is why large rover might not be a suitable vehicle for this upgrade, it already drains one bar in about 4 seconds.

Three: This is not really gravity manipulation, but more of an augment that goes on the terrain tool allowing for extended reach for terrain manipulation.

Four: Another player upgrade that allows for sucking objects up from a far distance (this would make an official long distance interaction device instead of the terrain tool grab glitch) or have a drone object that fallows you that you can use to target research objects, wreckage, and mined materials on the ground and have it carry that back to base or keep it by the players side.

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I like the personal drone idea. I could send him to inspect those pillars, to go around them and collect the minerals.

It could be controlled by player (including the camera view could be switched to the point of view of the drone)

Being a small drone, it should be vulnerable to danger, just like the player.


Dragon, when you have several ideas, better split them into separate posts. This way each ideas can be discussed separately and the good ones will float to the top.

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