Crane as driver seat. (Or crane as totally NOT driver seat).


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I feel like there is currently a problem with the implementation of the crane in the game - it is *not* a driver seat and there fore can not be used to drive the vehicle around...
But once you're inside it, the vehicle physics behaves as if you are in a driver seat of that vehicle, e.g. the wheels begin spinning freely and sliding more, unlocking.

Therefore, I propose that crane is either changed to be a driver seat, allowing players to drive the vehicle from it and alter their position; Or that it is changed to not be treated as a driver seat at all, keeping the vehicle wheels locked as if there's no one in there.

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Yes you are totally right. As it is now it is difficult to use.

Personally I would prefer it as a driver seat.

It would be naturally usable driving the vehicle with WASD while directing the crane with the mouse.

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yea some outriggers of some sort to keep it still would be nice. Currently if it wont stay still, i get out and pile dirt up behind the low spot or on both sides so it wont move.

Love this game!!!!!! Im addicted!!!

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