Long Term Motivation + Traveling on and between Planets

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I bought Astroneer about a month ago and now i thought it might be time to share a few of my thoughts. I hope there will be nothing to redundant.

First I encountered the problem that after about 50h playtime I have nothing more to do. I have a base on every planet, i have researched everything and unless there is no hidden secret in the planets core I think i am kind of finished. And I have played minecraft for the longest time in my life, so I know how to set own goals in a sandbox game. Therefore I have some ideas for the long term motivation:

  1.  Enable Basebuilding (I don't realy like living in a cave...)
    1. Maybe via living/farming/storage units you can add to you habitat (of course you would need to be able to actually enter the habitat)
    2. Through Floor / Wall / Glass / door / light modules , which you can put together to build a room or hangar or something (Maybe even triangual modules, so you can build domes and nice looking bases)
  2. I would realy like to build a spacestation or a big spaceship, in which I can put for example my rover to take it to other plants. (also of course i want to move inside of my spaceship)
    1.  I would like a modular building phase. E.g For thrusters you would need 1 big fuel Tank (1 alu + 3 rezin), 1 combustion chamber (3 titan) and 1 Nozzle (2 Alu + 2 Copper) and so on
  3. More and rarer ressources + better ways to mine them (e.g. bigger minig drill)
  4. Some kind of Story would also be nice or at least a global end goal (e.g. You are a stranded astroneer and want to build a big beacon so your company comes to safe you). I also could imagine a few playable szenarios in which you have to fullfill varius goals.

For conclusion in my opininion there is a lack of big building projects and other taks that give your doing some sort of meaning. Something you really can put your time and ressources in and use your creativity to its limits (building a base from mudd with the building tool is not realy satisfying and building the 20th rover also not really)

Second I have many problems in containing my fun with traveling on and between planets. My Rover gets stuck all the time and the travel between plantes is to complicated, if you consider how little you benefit from theese travels. So here are my Ideas:

  1. A big vehicle for rough terrains, which has for example legs instead of tyres
  2. An easier posibility to create roads (Maybe own vehicle or module for that task)
  3. Some kind of rail + Lore system for mining
  4. Flying vehicles like a drone or something, where you can put seats on it (Easy controls: W,A,S,D + space=up and shift=down). Maybe like the rovers: small, medium and big
  5. A Portal for inter planetary travel (not too overpowered if you say it has to be very expensive (titan + lithium) and you need to build 2 portals, 1 on the home planet and 1 on the tarket planet. Also it would need a lot of energy.
  6. Also I would realy like a own module for space crafts and one for vehicles. My Spaceships tend to get stuck inside of each other because I landed accidentially on the wrong vehicle bay. Also I need new vehicle bays all the time, because a spaceship is blocking the building area of the old bay --> But then I have so many vehicle bays that i have no clue on which i have to land, when i am in space above the planet. 
  7. Some kind of Hangar / Landing bay management, so that landing on the home planet is not such a complicated prosedure (For now i mark the vehicle bay with a beacon, but it is very hard to pick the right landing circle, because they are overlapping) --> Possebility to zoom in would be a great start for that.
  8. Advanced Navigation Systems (Minimap / GPS / usw. ) 

I have never given a report to a game in a alpha phase, so I hope I did this correctly here.

I also hope that my ideas are constructive and weren't mentiones alsewere already.

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