The music can be improved

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I do no say is bad. I like it!

But I want to be even better.

Something which would fit exploration and research on alien planets.

Also certain themes could be synchronized with events in the game, like storm, entering a cave, approaching some POI's...

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My thoughts on the music. It is good. It is fine. It is spacy. 
My only suggestion would be this; when I play I'm happy and having fun for the most part. Can we get some music that is a little more upbeat? More happy? Maybe something where a toe or two might tap? I think we have the whole empty space type theme music down pat already, as stated some music written with a ? would be appreciated.

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Everyone toe taps to what they like.

I love the music in Astroneer.  Rutger did an amazing job giving us that "alone in space" feeling, yet still fitting the colorful "cute" theme of the game, too.  Though there is the "2001" danger track in there that is quite different.  I'm sure more music will come in the future.

"Exploration 8" always makes me think of a carousel.  :)

I have been thinking of "contextual" music recently.  They did recently add the music fading into a "danger" type while suffocating.  And the tracks are all named things like "Exploration," "Gathering," "Cave," etc.

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