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Accidental Shredding

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So a bit of an admission:

I keep shredding things while trying to move them around. Just had gotten used to dropping things when they don't go exactly where I want and these just happen to attach to the shredder just before I let go. 

So the progression from more accidents than I care to admit seems to be:

1.) NOOOOOOO! (Repeatedly try to grab the object and wrestle from the shredder)

2.) How the heck did that happen!

3.) I can't believe that just happened!

4.) Crap I don't have enough copper/etc... to make another Medium Solar Panel/etc...

5.) I need to create a suggestion to stop this from happening to me again!

6.) Laugh

7.) Shrug it off 

8.) Repeat steps 1-8 a couple of days later.

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