Hold T to Place Tethers Script

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Hello everyone,

I read somewhere a while back someone asking to be able to hold t to keep placing tethers at the max length. I would love for this to be implemented but until that happens I made an Autohotkey Script to do just that. For anyone not familiar with AutoHotkey it is a macro making software. For the script to work you would need to install AutoHotkey from https://autohotkey.com/ and then open the script. All it does is when you are holding shift to sprint and T to place tethers it places one every 1800ms which is pretty much the max length. Also if you have turned Hold to Sprint off you can delete the + in the file to only hold T without the sprint key.

If anyone uses and understands Autohotkey scripting here is the contents of the file.

By y2clay14
If using the "Hold to Sprint" option (Default) than use this as is. 
If you turned off "Hold to Sprint" than remove the + so it will work without having to hold Shift.
It should read ~t:: after removing the +.
Sleep, 1800 ; Wait 1800ms since a tether was just placed when you pressed "t".
while GetKeyState("t",P) ; Check if "t" is still being held down.
Send, t
Sleep, 1800

Hope this helps people, I have been using it for about 3 hours now and so far so good.


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