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Right now you are confined to the five planets(and moon) except for the shuttles.

Shuttles can be made and fueled easily and have great range. Instead the small shuttle can only go to Barren and back and the large shuttle can go to Arid and Tundra(I believe they are next closest two planets.

There should be the ability to build a space station this sould take a lot of resources and a long time. Also the space station would be the next leg in exploration. To build the station you could wear a jetpack (IMU) or a crane.

Once the space station is large enough a spaceship and eventually a starship. This is how we would get to the other planets including new ones.

This could also be a new use for hemitite and coal, they could be combined to make steel. The space station could also be used for zero gee crafting. 

Also each of the planets should have a unique resource or resources.



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Fuel for space ships isn't hard to come by. You can build multiple bases creating fuel pretty easily. 

Why would you want a space station or starship when you can hop from planet to planet?

In regards to zeroG crafting on a space station: If you could do this, why build on a planet at all? It would be cool to float above a planet though!

Why do we want to go to other planets? A visit can be fun. Or to start over on a planet that suits you (looks cool) is good too but there is hardly any real reason to even bother. 

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