Dynamite Sticks to Research


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Some people might know that cave dynamite (dynamite found in caves not crafted) can be transported easily by sticking it to a research item. I know the devs might not have intended it to do that, but I think it should be kept in the game, albeit nerfed a lot. As of now you can stick it to all of the research items and stick as many on there as you want. However, it might be better if you could only stick it to one of the rarer types, so if you're the person who likes to keep dynamite around to blow stuff up, you can store a lot of it, but at the cost of potential bytes.

ASTRONEER (Game Preview)  7_12_2018 4_19_10 PM.png

ASTRONEER (Game Preview)  7_12_2018 3_46_09 PM.png

ASTRONEER (Game Preview)  7_12_2018 3_46_23 PM.png


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