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Salvage Issue

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but here goes...

The attached picture show a research module stuck to a salvaged platform.

I used the platform to transport(attach and disconnect) a number of smaller items to salvage.

later on I found a large research module and decided to place it on the platform for safe keeping.

As you can see in the picture you cannot disconnect the research from the platform.

If that's part of the game now it not funny.


Salvage issue.png

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There's a known bug with the mouse. Try pressing alt or control to clear it.

The bug happens when you alt-tab out of the game. The game doesn't register that the alt key is no longer being held (Because your computer sent the "The Alt key has been released" signal to whatever program you switched to).

You can see a similar bug if you hold, say, W while alt tabbing, release W, THEN go back into the game. Your character will continue to move forward even with the game in the background and without you continuing to hold W. To fix it, simply press W once more so your computer sends the "The W key has been released" signal to Astroneer.

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