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I would like to see a large shuttle sort of as a small rocket. With the launch pad, I wish to see a small rocket that can have multiple levels. This rocket is NOT for the exploration like the small and medium shuttles. What I mean is this rocket is a "prebasebuilder" .This Rocket has multiple stages of completion. EXAMPLE, let's say the first part took 4 compound it would build for say 1/3 of the rocket. On the second stage maybe 2 copper and 2 resin. And on the last stage something with 1-3 titanium because it is rarely used but its the creators choice. REMINDER that was an example that is not how I want it purely an example. The titanium I am serious about though.

I would like there to be small compartments where there are 2 or 4 of the places to put things. I do not know how to say it but the little circles where you put stuff. The way this would work is like this, the rocket would take off once you are in and press the button to blast off. Everything is normal how you go to the different planets but when you come down to land the compartment branch off and land around the landing zone and the rocket makes the starter habit and it has the things you put in the rocket (in the compartment) around the landing zone. One thing I forgot to mention is the compartment doors are open until you press launch then they close. 


This will only work if the launch pad is in the game. It is up to the creators to see how many levels of compartments they want. I will try and read all the comments and also I am dyslexic so I am sorry if I spelled something wrong or sad something wrong.

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