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Sir Tubs

Give the Mineral Extractor a Interface Tablet

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give the mineral extractor a interface tablet


  • its awkward to use
  • the conversion rate is hard to grasp for new and even experience players
  • having to hold resin, lithium, compound, etc. next to it for the sample takes up needed space for items

Possible Benefits

  • shows you a better visual and or numeric way of what your getting
  • easier to see conversion rate 
  • could have a system to where you can insert a material and then the extractor can now forever extract that material
  • can use the new symbols adam made for all the materials which are just the cutest things ever
  • saves space
  • easier to explain and use for new comers
  • everything has a tablet now, lets expand on that!!
  • im happier

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also adding tablets to this could allow for automation, like being able to tell the extractor to non stop make organic every time you put in a soil, I think if automation will ever be a thing I will be better if we use tablets to take care of some of the abilities of the automating


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It. Ould go the other way and extract only 1 or 2 of the resource. If I only need 2 compound I don't want to have to use half an tank of soil and have to store extra resources.

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