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Better way to tell me i'm dying from oxygen

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I love adams new oxygen designs but I think it's now too downplayed and I dont have the same urgency as I did before when I was suffocating

I think a simple red and black blinking light coming from the oxygen tube thing would be a great reminder 

maybe even have a countdown from 15 when you suffocate to show you how much time you have until you die

I like symbols but players need a better telegraph on how they die from oxygen, also making the oxygen tube more a display could allow for some really interesting art in the future around oxygen



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I remember playing the space levels in Gex Enter the Gecko and I would panic so badly when the oxygen level was getting low because of the way Gex would start breathing frantically. It was terrifying and really put that sense of urgency to it.

The current 50% and 25% notification bubbles are ok but it’s just like when you ignore the alerts on your phone that your battery is getting low. You keep ignoring it and ignoring it until it’s almost too late ?

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