When landing space ship, terrain is not loaded and items fall through ground.

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I went to land my space ship at my home base, and my landing spot I clicked on was just about to go over my planets horizon - by the time my ship had done its manoeuvres to face the spot, the landing point had turned to the other side of the planet. My ship clipped through the planet, and got to the landing site before the terrain had loaded - any loose items and any vehicles fell through the ground (As the maybe game registered my base as having no floor?), as terrain had not been loaded. All of my items and vehicles that fell through were irretrievable.

This was on Xbox One.

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I have this problem also, but on a Windows PC, I had found everything that was loose missing upon returning to Terra from Barren. Returning from a second trip I spotted my Truck falling through the surface luckily I found most of those items in a cave below my base.

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