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The creation aspect is fun but is to 'wonky' to get anything done with precision.

So let's add Panels Different sized and preferably Triangle, square, rod/pole, windows even. Then make it so that the edges of the panels can be snapped together in 15 degree intervals to allow for various shapes. Being able to change panel colors would be an added bonus and will really get people to want to build cities! The new Scrap metal feature can help greatly in the creation of the items, maybe even give the scrap a higher value when being turned into panels. All panels should be in a deploy-able format that allows the user to carry them from creation to location with greater ease! the panels should be able to be printed in both the back pack and medium printer, size pending.

If you're gonna add panels you might as well have Transit Tubes. Various sizes with person and vehicles heights in mind.

     -Small tubes can fit 2 people

     -medium tubes can fit medium rovers

     -large tubes can be either massive or just big enough for 2 medium rovers to drive through

Make sure all tubes are omnidirectional in power and can be also used as shelter.

A side note is the addition of a Monorail system that allows the player to either create different track pieces that snap together or track pieces that can be placed much like the tether extenders where the track forms between the placements. I'd prefer the second method.


forgot one letter. XD
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