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hey guys! what's going on with the new patch? i wanna give some idea for next match.

first of all, i also think that our team knows this, but it's really time to get the ability for upgrading and customizing your own suit! more options for that should come. second, now its possible to turn off your work light if it is in your backpack and you hit the button Z. you should also be able to turn of your light on the suit! what better than being able to turn off those lights when you're on top of a mountain and being able to look at open sky with the stars and planets without any distracting lights and a nice background music?!;)

here is one more concept:

adding new modules related to the stars! a medium or big telescope and a mini telescope is an idea. being able to study and research the stars int he game would be awesome. having indicator where it shows what stars you've researched and found as well. transforming the  triangle formed stars into something with more volume is a great idea, making it possible for our astronauts to get the option to explore both the caves underground and the stars in the sky! should be some tactical as well, like setting the telescope on a mountain connected with extenders to the base for electricity, giving the telescope a better and clear position for clouds eventually. one more great idea is to add flying comets as well. being able to shoot them down with a rocket system! aiming and shooting a star down to your planet making a big crater. and exploding the star after that with dynamite and find out what could be inside!? 

hope these ideas may help improve the game and i hope the community will enjoy my thoughts.

have a nice day everybody, and keep up the astro-mood ;)

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