Beacons appears on space/Fps drops when I place a tether and many more(5 bugs)

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-Beacons appears on space

-Fps drops when I place a tether

-Vehicle bay preview bug 

-Flying dropship

-Shows resource symbol which is already collected


1 - I traveled to another planet than my home planet and when I looked the sky I saw that my home sign and beacons(which belongs to my home planet) on space.I can see them while I'm on space. I traveled back and same things happened for my second planet.




Middle of the first screenshot

Top of the second screenshot

Middle of the third screenshot(Between the clouds and planet)

Bottom of the fourth screenshot


-As you can see beacons seem like maintains the shape of the planet.


2 - I played the game many hours, almost traveled %35 of it and placed a lot of tethers around my home planet(maybe more than 400). But I don't know why, now in my home planet when I place a tether(if the tether connects to another tether)(if I place it far from other tethers by preventing it to connect another tether fps does not drops) fps drops very bad and game stucks for a second. It happens too when I break a connection between tethers.

In my second planet I placed more than 100 tether, made even more things in this planet, I started traveling and came back where I start by going straight and it's still working correctly without any fps drops.


On the right my home planet.

On the left my second planet.


3 - There is a bug in the vehicle bay's preview(Only happens when I try to place it in that way)

When I place it, vehicle bay show up like preview for a moment and places itself to the middle of the platform(Right placing but wrong preview).



4 - Dropship deployment

I deployed the dropship by mistake while its on the shuttle and I can't do anything about it. I have a flying dropship :D. I can't move or undeploy it because of its nature.

I think we shouldn't be able to deploy it while it's on a vehicle or shuttle etc. and I think it's a bug. It should be on the surface of the planet.



5 - Resource symbol bug

When I collect a resource its symbol disappears naturally. But if I quit and restart the game, they appear again while there is no resource.








Lenovo Ideapad700 Laptop

  • OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.1088
  • CPU: i7 6700HQ 2.60GHZ
  • GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX950M 4GB
  • RAM: 16 GB DDR4 2133Hz
  • Drive: 5400Rpm HDD


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4-Dropship deployment

Restarted the game a day after and dropship teleported back to my shuttle.**20180627160755_1.thumb.jpg.18c9a1a0939bd82f2fbde8f5b3e4f3d1.jpg

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And here I thought I could report on UFOs spotted.  Sigh.

I can see Terran's beacon's when looking south on Barren/Lunar.

I also saw Barren's beacon's.  But I don't remember where.  I think I was on Barran/Lunar.


(The tether issue is well known.  Stick some Drop-ships around and beack up your tether networks.)

(Drop-ship deploying on shuttle - I did that too.  Sob.)

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