Text on launch menu does not fit 21:9 widescreen

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When I launch the game and I have to choose which save game to launch, the text does not fit on the screen and I have no clue what it says underneath. I assume one of them says tutorial and one says online?

I am unable to switch to a different aspect ratio, it is greyed out and can't be changed, so I don't know if that would fix the issue.


Aside from this, I have not yet found any issues because of my ultrawide monitor in the rest of the game, so that's very good :)

astroneer text.jpg

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Not missing much. Pick a shuttle with the arrows and launch it with the yellow button. Tutorial is on the far left, 4 different suits  to the right of the tutorial that run a normal game mode

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6 hours ago, CherryFlip said:

Oh, so there is no online button?

Exactly. You join/invite through the Steam friends list. Or through the Xbox/Win10 system...depends on whatever platform you are on.
Also there's a config fix for the vertical FoV...somewhere. I only know you can edit it.

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