Dig and Rise speed with Game-pad (x360 and X1 controller)

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Helo all of SystemEra's great staffs ;)
I have a request about a controling with Game-pad (Xbox360 and Xbox One controller)

This is a quote from a post 'Most Frequent Suggens ~'


HIGH PRIORITY !!! (Most of these will be in-game by the end of Q1 2018)
4. Interaction Refractor

- Improve the current controls for controller & keyboards

I playing a game with Xbox360 or Xbox One's game-pad very well on PC, as well as the ASTRONEER.
I wonder why a Digging and a Rising (vacume and discharge) are NOT corespond to an Analog-inputing with Left/Right Triggers with these controllers.
These responds is only just 1 or 0 (ON or OFF) in current game version.  That is one of regrettable matter X)
Therefore I think that I hope you will add this improvement point by all means to that list ;)

We're look forward to completion of this great game the ASTRONEER, and more futures too :)
and I'm sorry to my no good English,  I hope you would udnerstand that.

Thanks for reading

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