Translation issu (fix request for Japanese)

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Hello all of great staff of Systemera :)
I have to say big thanks for your great work the ASTRONEER, I'm always look forward to each update ;)
I have some request for translation of Japanese language in a game today.

I don't know that japanese-font(text) will be posted right in this board, so I upload some pics in same time.
I'm sorry to my not enough of English...I hope you would understand my message X)

1. Trade Platform

”プラットフォームを交換する”  (v0.8 now)
When re-translate it, a meaning is 'Change a platform', we can't understand at all for this platform(lol
so I recomend translate to
"トレーダー プラットフォーム”  (tore-da- puratto fo-mu)
"交換プラットフォーム” (kou kan puratto fo-mu)
"輸出入プラットフォーム” (yu syu tsu nyuu puratto fo-mu)
only just "トレーダー” (to re - da -) is OK ;)


2. Inhibitor Mod and Unlocked

"阻害物質” and ”ロックされていない” (v0.8 now)
"阻害物質 (so ga i bussitsu)" this means an inhibitor itself. so we misunderstand that "Is this an inhibitor material ?" (lol so I recomend translate it to
"阻害物質除去モッド (so ga i bussitu jo kyo moddo) or "阻害物質除去MOD(so ga i bussitsu jo kyo MOD” (we japanese understand well for english "MOD")
This means that it is a MOD that removes inhibitors ;)

"ロックされていない (rokku sa re te i na i)" is not miss but is not correct too (lol
most generaly is "アンロック済み (a n rokku su mi)" or "解除済み(ka i jo su mi)" is right ;)


I don't have play yet all of latest version's game(v0.8), so There are still some strange Japanese maybe.
Please chek them out again and fix them if it possible I hope so ;)

Thank you so much for reading,
I have to say a big thanks that you add our language 'Japanese' in this great game the ASTRONEER !!  I have to say it at first !!
and we look forward to complete this game in neer future, and please keep upgrade game (much of additionals in future too) as much as possible :D

My Best Regards
Mas71 from Japan

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Hi again,  i have some request for translation :)

3. TETHER (description of the Tether) (v0.8)

"酸素移動 (sa n so i do u)" is means 'move or carry oxygen', so I tink that is better to translate it to "酸素供給 (sa n so kyou kyuu)" in this case.
b.t.w,  this TETHER  is transfer Oxygen and Power too, so it should add it, "酸素・電力の供給 (sa n so , de n ryo ku no kyou kyuu)" is best)


4. Message in Tutrial (v0.8)

Its not be used generaly 'do tether' for us, so we don't understand this message.
so its better to ”酸素の供給を得るためにローバーに近づきましょう (sa n so no kyou kyuu wo e ru ta me ni ro - ba - ni ti ka du ki ma syou)”


Thank you for reading

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