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I just wanted to report a bug.

I was driving through the landscapes of my beginning planet when I suddenly fell through the ground into nothing (or planet).

Still flying there :)

Thank you!!


*Note added:


I just left the vehicle and I kinda catapultated back to surface an died cause of fall damage?

Anyway, my vehicle is gone :)

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I had this happen to me too.  Repeatedly.

Once fell into a cavern very far.  Dug myself out.  The  returning home, it happened again (different spot).  While digging myself out again I fell through just walking and got catapulted to the surface where I died.  

This was while driving a medium rover (if it matters), and walking while digging with an upward inclination.

I pretty much consider the game unplayable in this form, just recovering from a bug you hit the same bug again and again until it kills you?  Just an exercise in frustration.

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