Johnathan mercado

Falling through map

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This keeps happening to me too.  Fall though map with vehicles worst thing is you log out to load from previous leave hoping it’s saves time it doesn’t it loads you into the vehicle suspended in the air you can clearly see though the whole map no point getting out takes hours to dig the thing out too.   It gets to the point you have to delete a save and start all over again.   Come on fix this nearly two month since last patch again.   Pc version looks better time to get xbox version sorted out  

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I'm having the same issue. I can't even walk around in my base without falling through the map. It's even more dangerous when I'm walking around in caves and suddenly my person dips into the floor. 

Thankfully my avatar only bobs up and down, so I can usually get out of the corrupted area, but it's still really inconvenient. 

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