Update 0.8.0 - June 14th, 2018

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Steam 'Early Access' players will receive this update today, June 14th, 2018. 
Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players can also expect this patch to hit their consoles or Windows 10 machines throughout the day today, June 14th, 2018.

Update 0.8.0 contains a new tutorial, a complete overhaul to the UI, and a completely new element in the Research system, Harvestables!  

You can find these updates in, the current build of the game.

The game has an all-new Tutorial experience that is accessible from a new drop pod in the Main Menu! The goal of the new Tutorial is to introduce the basic concepts of Terrain deformation, Oxygen / Power management, Research, Exploration, and Basebuilding in a more streamlined way to new players. We hope that this tutorial will be good for new players to Astroneer, but also to players who haven't played the game in a while but are coming back!

  • When launching Astroneer for the first time, new and returning players will be prompted to try the new Tutorial. Returning players can skip the Tutorial and it will be available to replay at any time from the Main Menu.
  • In order to match the unlock progression of the Tutorial, new games will now begin with the Canister, Tethers, Small Generator, and Open 1-Seat unlocked, in addition to the modules and platforms already available by default. 
  • Even if you’re already familiar with the game, we encourage you to play through the new Tutorial. We will continue iterating on the experience over the coming months so please be sure to share your feedback with us in the forums!

The game has been updated with a V1 of an overhaul to all of Astroneer’s in-game text UI. Instead of persistent floating text, almost all interactive items, modules, chassis, and resources, have been updated with a "UI card" visual design. 

  • All modules and resources now have an icon associated with them. 
  • Hovering over holographic input indicators will now tell you the resource required for module, printer, and fabricator recipes. 
  • Proximity-based tooltips have been added to all embedded Resources. 
  • Position indicators have been removed from vehicles, so be sure to print Beacons and slot them on your Vehicles if you intend to walk very far away! 
  • Some areas like: main menu UI, spaceflight UI, Backpack UI, as well as UI for the Trade Module and Mineral Extractor will be updated in a future release.

There are now special plant and mineral formations on Terran, Barren, Arid, and Exotic planets that spawn unique objects you can instantly research for a variable amount of Bytes. These Harvestables will respawn their research items over time, and also have a chance to spawn a large, single-use Research Item at their root. Be warned, though: uprooting the plant or mineral will prevent it from respawning their instant-use research items. So weigh your options carefully between single use and respawning values - and be careful where you dig! The goal of the Harvestables system is to smooth out the starting gameplay experience by offering small, renewable sources of Bytes in areas that might have a low density of Research Chests, and to provide interesting points of interaction across the surface of planets.

Your Backpack inventory and location are now preserved between multiplayer game sessions! When returning to your friend’s saved games or rejoining after a lost connection, your Astroneer will load in the last location you left them. Also, in order to fix a number of bugs that could occur if clients joined before the host deployed the shelter, multiplayer is now unavailable until the host has landed on the starting planet and deployed the shelter.


  • [AS-2855] -- Fixed an issue where storms were appearing pixelated for players on the Xbox One
  • [AS-2890] - Fixed a bug with Generators so they once again pull available organic from backpack slots
  • [AS-2894] - Fixed a bug where Terrain Analyzer color meters changed to black upon exiting game and reloading the saved game. 
  • [AS-2917] - Audio should now reset properly after Astroneer death. 
  • [AS-2935] - Player backpack oxygen tank should once again pull oxygen from connected tanks or filters.

In a higher latency situation, rejoining players may appear at first where they last were in a Multiplayer game, but due to latency, input is still bound to the EXO satellite and on pressing 'A' they get relaunched from the station.

Also, just in case you missed it, we were at E3 and announced some big news! Astroneer is now slated to go into full 1.0 in December 2018! We will be updating the roadmap to reflect the rest of our plans during Early Access, but rest assured, we will continue updating and adding to the game in order to make 1.0 a huge advancement of Astroneer! Click here if you want to hear more about what we revealed at E3, including news about cross-play between Steam and Xbox via dedicated servers, increased multiplayer counts, and more. When you are done with that watch the E3 trailer below!

Thanks, and talk to you soon!


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2:08 in the Inside Xbox Segment mentions that 'structure' we saw in the trailer - when will we hear more about that? I can't wait to get my hands on all of the cool stuff they have in the works ?

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Ok now, I'm extracting then I'm adding soil, then I'm extracting soil, then I'm adding soil.... I'm not changing any buttons or anything. I'm trying to extract to fill canisters and sometimes I extract and sometimes it adds soil all by itself

WTF is wrong with the forum? Can't post? Wait 53 seconds before submitting? Now 8 seconds

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Couple of quick observations from, new game:

  1. My terrain tool does not consume any energy, zero. I could go digging for days and my power bar will remain full.
  2. You can't smoothly flatten on the edges of the black terrain around your habitat to make a smooth surface. Unless the habitat landed and unpacked on lower terrain, it will leave an uneven gap if you try to flatten the terrain outwards.
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I've now got those floating things (dust particles) stuck on my screen. I see thousands of others floating by like normal but now there are spots where they stay in one place constantly. I move my head and they move with me.

I think there is even less daylight now than before. I started this build 57 minutes ago and I've just had my second daylight experience! 2nd! In 57 minutes. Did I mention both daylight experiences were also when I had the ONLY two storms? 

Thanks SES! WTG!

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I've got literally billions of blocks all over the ground after the last storm. And there are so many storms far more than before. Very little daylight, more storms than ever before this update is bad. I hope there is an 8.1 etc. as this is just terrible. I can't get into the habitat unless right in front of the door, or very close to it. This is just not good at all.

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My game just crashed while retrieving stuff from a wreckage. Weird, the game has always been pretty stable...

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So here are my thoughts:

  • I think the tutorial needs to make it clearer what the next step is. As a veteran of the game I figured it all out rather quickly, but it doesn't always seem obvious what to do next.
  • My single biggest bugbear with the way the controls work is, and looks like it will continue to be, the "long press" style actions. I hate them. Sorry. Give us the opportunity to turn them off and map the controls as however we want.
  • I think the graphics has been tuned for the better. The landscape seems a bit smoother, and I think there is a bit more of some style of indirect lighting? Looks great!

. . . but - there is something I am noticing that looks odd. It's showed up in games that I play on my Switch, and I mostly passed it off as a bit of a compromise when trying to port games to the Switch. It's a very old technology that was used a lot more in late '90s because blending pixels together was simply too intensive of a task for CPUs and GPUs of the time. I'm talking about dithering - instead of blending colors together to form a new one, just alternate the colors in a pattern. I thought the technique was dead due to GPUs becoming enormously more powerful; I haven't seen it used in a long time. But now it's making a comeback? It's a minor complaint, but something I definitely noticed.

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Game works as it should, but please put in them organic gathers for the tress and make them diminish over time that way, they can stop growing in our bases. But loving so far.

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Humm, so a bit of research and I think I figured out why dithering is making a comeback - it's due to modern games using deferred shading / lighting. This technique allows for a lot of lights in a scene, but the cost is that you can only have one object per pixel. This is why modern games have shifted to shader-based antialiasing because multi-sample AA looked for different objects in the same pixel. Transparency does the same thing: It's looking to blend the object in front and the object in back for a semi-transparent effect.

. . . although now I'm wondering if AA could be helped with shaders, why not transparency? After the dither, apply a filter that averages the pixels (sorta like a blur filter). Maybe follow up by a bit of sharpening because the averaging will soften the result.

Hopefully in the future we'll figure out proper real time raytracing, then we can go back to multiple samples. But that's for nVidia and the developers of Unreal to figure out, I imagine.

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1 hour ago, Onetxaggie said:

The big question is, DOES IT SAVE????  Thats the HUGE problem that continues to stump the developers and I didn’t see anywhere in the bug fixes about it.

Are you having problems saving?

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Just now, Onetxaggie said:

Yes. It’s been a known “glitch” for the past 6 months and please don’t say restart Xbox to clear cache cause that doesn’t work

Ah, I play the game on a PC.

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Just got this update. Any way to get rid of the new labels? At least make them transparent. The big white background blocks a lot of things I try to grab. Second why doesn't the tutorial save?

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 New tutorial is nice, starting to look like a 1.0 product :)


Just a note with the new card style UI. I was finding it a bit difficult to read some of the text, it was a little on the small side. Playing on a 55" OLED on Xbox One X and sitting at what I would consider to be a normal viewing distance, there was quite a bit of leaning forward and squinting while making my way through the tutorial.

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alittle upset that in the tutorial you get to see the new platform and other stuff but new games dosent have it, seems like that would put alot of people off.

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