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While it would be nice, and certainly convenient, I don’t think it would happen primarily because it doesn’t really “fit” with the nature of vehicles themselves. If you think about it, does make sense from the perspective of modules and platforms because those are meant to be manipulated following printing to the place where they’ll be deployed. Once at that location (whether you move them around your base, transport on a vehicle either terrestrial or space-bound, or toss them around some distance) you pop them open and that’s often where they remain (plus or minus a bit of rearranging, or perhaps on a vehicle in the case of certain modules mounted in a mobile base modular setup). I’ve said before as well that while repackaging modules and platforms would also be quite nifty (others have brought it up) I don’t see the Devs doing this, I believe they intend it to be an irreversible process (you see the cardboard-like exterior get shredded in the process, but that’s only one of the reasons I feel the way I do, call it a gut feeling I guess). Vehicles on the other hand, are printed and ready for immediate use and deployment to the environment. They are meant for mobility, not static structures. For that reason, I just don’t see the Devs packaging them.

If the game were styled differently, so vehicles were comprised of, say, a mix and match chassis plus cargo/cabin combo you could choose from (which I’m not suggesting, I think what we have in terms of virtually limitless options for customization is infinitely preferable than a handful of pre-selected builds) I could see the Devs perhaps letting us print each section in a packaged manner and popping those open and performing the final assembly elsewhere. That might save space in terms of hauling specific resource components on a shuttle to a distant location either on the same planet or a different one. I still don’t think being restricted to presets is a great way to go, because that limits build options and creativity. Anyway, not being argumentative, it’s always great to save space in flight. In terms of the thought process behind it all, though, I just don’t think it will happen but who knows? The E3 trailer certainly had some cool surprises in it, can’t wait to see how the game continues to shape up :D 

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I've seen this suggested specifically for the buggy before, which would be ideal.

I agree with Shadow Echo about the others, though. Particularly as now, we can print a platform and vehicle bay as packages, and take them with us to a new planet, which is pretty similar in function to what you're suggesting, but fits better with the progression and "realism" of the game.

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