Help me I think I'm falling in.......

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Well now I've begun falling through the surface of the planet. It is like I'm floating as I can go up and down. I can be on the surface and then disappear, then push the W key and I will pop back up, then I will fall below the surface, then I will pop back up by pushing W. That just started happening last night and this morning. However since last night I have not seen any surface tears. So maybe work is going on behind the scenes? Maybe it was just a different LZ? Maybe it was just coincidence? 

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Ok another weird thing.
Tears in the surface, a lot of tears in the surface of my newly started game. I can see Resin through the crack. I'm trying to suck it up however soil is being added to the surface tear to cover it.? I'm not trying to cover the tear I'm trying to suck up the Resin I can see through the tear however soil is being added rather than sucking? What up wit dat yo?


Yeah I'm floating up and down through the surface just like we did way way back in the day. 

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I've had it happen a few times. terraforming the area a bit seems to resolve it but I have always had seam's when it has occurred so your luck may vary,,,

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Yeah, this is what I had mentioned in the Bugs section when I lost my Rover. The ground had been quite solid when I stopped my Rover and started excavating Compound. When I'd dug it all out, I decided to cover it up again, I had no issues as I covered it, but just as I finished closing the hole up, my Rover suddenly just dropped straight through the surface of the planet, and I was suddenly bobbing along into the surface of the planet. I was able to 'swim' to more solid ground, and found that the 'destabilized' section of the ground wouldn't show the reticle of my Terrain Tool. I started trying to dig for my rover, in case it was just below the surface, and quite soon it had all stabilized enough I could deform the land, but my rover was gone.

I found that leaving the game and returning found a LOT of surface alignment cracks that let me see into the surface of the world, but it's a render issue that will seem to 'fill in' if you try to use the Terrain Tool through those 'cracks'.

In the end, I just accepted that the entire save was too corrupted to continue playing, so I started a new save, and the only issues I've been having is objects (Research blocks) fall through the soil, and if there's a passage or chamber below, having them fall out of the ceiling to the floor.

I sure hope they figure out why it's becoming such an issue since the last update...

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