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Could base insides be added? This is my idea for that: I can go inside the habitat and move iside it. It could change to a 1st person mode and the inside could look slightly bigger than the outside. I can build other rooms connecting to the habitat. They would work like the oldest base system. Airlocks (as separate buildings) are needed to go inside, and the habitat works as an airlock. They would provide shelter of storms and there would be stuff buildable to the inside. There could be rooms and domes (wich are transparent) in different sizes. There could be an ability to grow alien plants in the domes. Those can be used in research or something else useful. There could be a large airlock (looks like an openable dome) too acting as a vehicle bay in the inside. And a new type of vehicle  called an airplane or a hovercraft or something else, flying in the planet's atmosphere but not going to space. Of course expensive.

Sorry if the grammar or words aren't right, I'm not English speaking.

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Since we already see the research chamber panel and the little computer where we unlock everything (forgot its name) in first person, it would be awesome if going inside our habitats would add some first-person functionality so we're not just standing there waiting for a storm to pass. We could have access to the computer to unlock stuff, change astro suits, etc...

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