Why is Astroneer sending so much data to analytics?

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I just got that game and let me tell you I am in love. 

Quick question, I tend to watch what comes into my network and what goes out. I noticed on my software that blocks software that sends information to spam sites, ad sites, analytics (personal info), etc was spamming my list hard whenever I run Astroneer. Luckily, I prevent this action on my end, but everyone is might be totally unaware as to what's going on. Is this data being used to fund the development of the game? If so, then I get it and respect that.


I've attached images to show what's happening. Last night I played the game for 3 hours, and got a spam hit of over 3,770 times to an analytics company called EVERY 8-9 SECONDS. Why so much? 




I've been monitoring my network a long time, and no one has come close to my router company belkin (#2 on that list) that sends my network's DNS logs for them to sell to companies at a profit. So to top THAT, in a mere few hours over phoning home every 3 minutes over 24 hours is 3018 hits. With Astroneer running, it topped that in THREE HOURS.


I have verified that this website is only pinged when Astroneer is running.


Please provide an explanation as to what information you're collecting, selling, and for what purpose.



astroneer net spam 1.PNG

astroneer net spam 2.PNG

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I've seen your thread on Steam, although I am unsure as to why you removed it again.

Anyway, are you sure the frequency of the pings isn't caused by you blocking them? It would make sense for the game to retry the connection if it failed. That would result in a lot of pings. Mind that System Era is collecting basic data about your hardware to be able to improve the game (and your game performance), nothing is being sold, at most there's a possibility that it's being shared with affiliated companies that help them to fix issues (the very last part is only a guess of mine tho), that's a given for basically every game, especially if it's Early Access. Although some offer an option to opt-out of this (Astroneer will eventually IIRC, right now fixing issues is an absolute top priority). I get your privacy concerns, do mind however that you'll give SES a harder time patching the game if they can't have basic information from you that tells them what's wrong.
As for why it pings the manufacturer of your router...uh...I don't have any solid theories on that, but I wouldn't see what SES would do with that.

The game tries to send hardware information as well as some basic telemetry to SES in order to show them what's wrong or what kind of hardware is being used to play Astroneer. Helps them, helps you, helps everyone. No private data is transmitted and IP's should be anonymized.
I'll see if I can get an official statement on that just to be sure everyone can feel comfortable.

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Just seeing this. The data being sent is just in game analytics! We track in-game actions to help us make decisions while we are in development. Stuff like, what suit people pick, how many times they print ______ etc...

Not sure why you are seeing so many pings though, although I suspect it has to do with you blocking the connection and our gameanalytics not timing out. Forwarded to the team for clarification. 

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