filtering for items placed by clicking ghosts

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the generic item ghosts (such as on the trade platform) are to generic grabbing everything when clicked including canisters and augments

my suggestion is:

  • add 2 bool to item class
    bool sell-able = False;
    bool smelt-able = False;


trade platform:

  • checks for bool sell-able and only allows placement of these items when clicked empty handed
  • if you can trade it sell-able = True


  • this could be applied to the new smelter code too where it has ghost inputs for the ore slots that check for bool smelt-able and pull that from the back pack when empty handed
  • if you can smelt it smelt-able = True

as a side note update the printer to be able to pull items from the backpack directly like the fabricators and vehicle bay

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Simple, effective suggestion. +1 from me.


Agree about the printer too. Somehow I imagine that's on the docket though, and that all 'crafting' modules are going to be upgraded to the new pop-out controller system like the fabs and vehicle bay Soon™.

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