Sink Holes - Falling Through Ground

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Summary / Description:

Driving along with my mobile mineral extractor / crane setup on two large rovers, and rover just fell into/through the ground. Hovered there in graphical nothingness after slight fall through immediate terrain (see images) for a while. Obviously it was stuck, when I got out I fell to the bottom of the cave and died. Took a small rover to the cave system underneath and the terrain had regenerated around the rover. I cut the rover out, allowing it to fall into the cave system. Had to engineer a big ramp to drive it back out. took a long time!

When originally falling into the ground, it was over terrain not previously traversed, altered, or otherwise modified.

See images for more information / different camera angles from when the rover fell through, prior to exiting the vehicle.

Windows 10 Steam version: 7.0

Version / Build Number: 
7.0 version. New save, no previous saves were even opened, all were deleted during 6.8 in preparation for the updates as I am aware of the policy here.


  • OS: Win 10 Build: 16299.371
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6500
  • GPU: EVGA 1060 SC, 6GB
  • RAM:  2x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 - 2133mhz
  • Drive: Crucial BX100 500GB SSD





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This has just happened to me, but the ground was traversed before. I have now lost a small buggy, and a two-chained large rover with a solar panel and 2 batteries. Super bummed. No getting them back now.

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I played this game with my boyfriend,

and I made ground like


him    surface-------- hole ----------- me

----------------------------\ cave                         this and he chased me

then he fallen nowhere lol

I think he fallen into that hole and happened something but don't know so just shut down the game.


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You know those hard-bodied plants that pulsate but do not attack, no specific one but you know the kind... No resource, but when you dig them loose they just fall there and continue to be annoying.
I dig holes when I find them blocking the path in a cave, and then cover them up. This very frequently leads to falling through the upper surface and into the hole.
I do not get stuck, the avatar takes on a trampoline motion until I find the other side of the normal floor. (normal meaning the floor I did not create to cover the hole with)

This effect can be greater if you leave very narrow gaps near the edge of the pre-existing floor area and the newly created floor. Gaps you do not quite fit into, and you slip right through to what I refer to as trampoline mode. Jump seems disabled but the avatar continues to bounce at a pace.

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