New rover controll on PC


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I really enjoy the new Rover physics (at least for the new small rover, not tested others yet).

And I like being able to change the camera without changing the rover direction, but on PC once you are used to the old controls, I find the old one better (keyboard vs mouse precision). So I am back with the previous mode (thank for letting the option). The only think I didn't liked in the previous version, was when the Rover changed from foreward to backward when you moved to fast. I think it shouldn't change the direction if you did not release the right button but that's another story...

What I suggest here is to have both worlds at the same time!
If I'm right, the left button is not used when you are in a Rover. So I'll keep the previous mode for the right button (keep it pushed to controll the rover) and be able to move the camera with the left button to see what's behind you without changing you direction.
(Not sure what it should do when both are pushed, maybe keep the camera position as a reference to move the car but from that position... we can always consider left or right to have the priority over the other one in last resort)

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