Zoura's Second Pack of Ideas

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Greetings, it is I, Zoura3025. I'm back again with another handful of ideas, since I really would rather not risk bumping my old post up to the top and  getting banned for that.

Anyways, here's a few ideas I have for the game. Enjoy!


Terrain Tool - Burst Nozzle

(Not a gun, I promise)

The Burst Nozzle is an attachment for the barrel of the terrain tool that alters the way it fires. Instead of the calm, steady stream of lovely sucking action (phrasing), it now lobs a projectile that explodes, capturing all terrain in a roughly spherical area and bringing it back to the person who fired it. If used to flatten, it will try to even out the terrain it hits in terms of both altitude and slope. If used to create land, it will create a large, roughly spherical blob of terrain.

The Burst Nozzle must be manually fired (3 second reload, costs 2 power bars per shot), and has a fair amount of accordance to gravity. Modifications work as follows:

Boost Mod - Reduces cooldown to 1.5 seconds and increases power use per shot to 2.5 power bars. Also increases the velocity at which the main projectile is fired.

Wide/Narrow Mods - Increases/Reduces area of effect, respectively. Wide mod doubles the area, narrow halves it. Both cancel eachother out.

Terrain Analyzer - Colors all affected placed terrain to the color of the terrain the projectile hit.

Inhibitor Mod - Stops the tool from collecting land, but allows the burst to collect other resources (i.e. compound, resin, ores, etc.). Power cost is cut down to only 1 power bar per shot to commentary.

The Burst Nozzle costs 2,000 bytes to research.


Infrastructure - Power Relays

(For obsessive base builders, like me.)

The power relay is a two-part, high-tier system that consists of transmitters and towers. These are special structures that connect via a unique, "+" shaped connector. Each long-range connection has a whopping connection range of 3 tethers.

Transmitters are large-platform modules that act as the starting and ending points power relays. Each Transmitter costs 2 titanium to fabricate. Transmitters are square-ish, lattice structure, and each has one socket that can be oriented in one of 4 directions (by hovering and pressing "Z" or "X"). Each transmitter has 4 small slots (one on each side of the tower) for bonus functionality.

Towers are intermediate structures, printed in groups of 3 at a medium printer. Initially, the towers have a "tied down", compacted appearance, and all 3 are tied together on a baseplate. The baseplate takes up 2 slots on a normal platform, and can be carried by the player. Interacting with the baseplate will release one tower for deployment. Once a tower is detached from a baseplate, it cannot be returned. When deployed (accomplished by a second interaction), the tower unfolds into a black, tetherlike structure, with 4 connection points for long-range connections.

In terms of research, the Transmitter and Tower schematics must be researched separately. The Transmitter costs 3,600 to research, and the Tower costs 3,400 to research (7,000 bytes in total).


Infrastructure - Small Platforms

(For increased building flexibility.)

The Small Platform is exactly what it sounds like: a small platform. Fabricated at a small fabricator, 1 crate holds 2 small platforms, and 1 crate is formed by 1 resin. Each platform is a 1-small-slot having platform with 4 connectors. Not specifically useful, but if you need and early game relay-network, it could be helpful in comparison to something like extenders.

Small Platforms cost a mere 150 Bytes to research.


Storage - Small Storage

(For the organization extraordinaire.)

Small Storages are a... well,  small storages. It turns 1 small storage slot into 2 small storage slots. Not much else to say.

The Small Storage costs 500 Bytes to research.


Power - Crystallizers

(To help in mid-game.)

Crystallizers are mid-game power storages, that come with some large-scale drawbacks.

Crystallizers form energy into energized crystals (imagine that) to store power for later use. Each crystal they make contains the equivalent of 2 bars of power, and each Crystallizer can store up to 4 crystals. As a sacrifice for their paltry 2-Aluminum cost, Crystallizers use 1 power bar per crystal (only when producing crystals; there is no inefficiency when discharging). To help remedy this problem, Crystallizers will be the LOWEST priority on any power grid (the hierarchy going: Players > Modules > Vehicles  > Batteries > Crystallizers), to prevent waste of power unless there is an absolute surplus.

Crystallizers require a hefty 3,000 Bytes to research.


Terrain Tool/Research - Scan Tool

(Just a little bonus idea.)

A small, cheap modification for the terrain tool. Costs 1 Aluminum to print in the backpack's small printer. With the Terrain Tool equipped, picking up any researchable item will display its byte value to the nearest 10 (i.e., if a research node were to contain 648 bytes, the scanner would show "~650 Bytes") for 5 seconds. Costs no power, and is unlocked from the start; no research required.

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So I can't edit the post, but I have a couple more ideas, so I'll throw them down here in a comment.


Infrastructure - Medium Platform C

(Variety is the spice of life.)

A "+" shaped medium platform with 5 tier-1 slots and 4 power connectors. Costs 250 bytes to research like all medium platforms, and also costs 2 resin at a fabricator.


Infrastructure/Power - Large Platform E

(For those spatially-restricted people.)

A taller large platform with 3 backpack's worth of power storage (for reference, 1 power bar in the backpack is equal to 25% of a battery power bar, so the backpack actually holds 2.5 power bars; thusly, the large platform E can hold 7.5 power bars (slightly less than a small battery)), along with 1 large-tier connector and 4 power connectors. Costs 1000 Bytes to research, and costs 1 Lithium along with 1 Resin at a medium fabricator.


Infrastructure/Power - XL Solar Platform

(A unique mix of power and platform-age.)

A large, octagonal platform with 4 2-slot connectors. The unique purpose of this XL platform is that it produces 1 unit of power per second when facing the sun. It must be crafted at a medium fabricator out of 1 Aluminum and 1 Copper.


Infrastructure - XL Platform B

(A more versatile layout than the platform A.)

An octagonal platform with 8 power connectors, along with 1 tier-3 connectors, 4 tier-2 connectors, and 4 tier-1 connectors.

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I like the burst nozzlesmall platforms are already here (just use small printer), scan tool is a must, maybe it turns thing into the already added power pelts, I’m not sure about small storage you designed maybe its just a small platform that can hold two items that you place on the ground the extender thing already kinda act as power relays.

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