Home planet is gone

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Xbox One.    So we are able to leave any planet we was stuck on but once that is fixed our home planet is gone.  But all things on the planet are floating ?


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I have these odd floating markers too.  I thought that was the case last night and my planet was gone.  Turns out I just had to wait for terra  to come back into rotation within the ring of the planet you are on making it reachable via your shuttle.  The big white ring around the current planet you are on.  I do think those floating markers in space above, and below where you are at are glitches though.  Makes no sense where they are.  

At least that was my case.  It takes a while for the planets to orbit around the sun too so you may either need to strategically planet hop to get home or wait for home to orbit around the sun into your area of travel.  

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