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Hello fellow explorers! I did my first real bit of mountain climbing and I looked out over the landscape for the first time from this perspective. It was outstanding. So, I read/watched too much sci-fi while I was growing-up and it just reminded me of all those moments and I wondered who else had a breathtaking view they wanted to share. However, I would like to try and make it a little bit more than that.

If you have just one picture that is special in some way, that made it more than just a scene in a video game, then share it, but you must also include the reason!

It was just a thought...

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...that is great and I can also read. This isn't any of those things. I didn't write the word 'video' anywhere, or artwork.

Unless i'm not allowed to start something different? Should I delete this?

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Anyway, this is what I saw and I was moved. It reminded me of where I stay in Scotia (minus the Loch). There is more chance of bumping into someone on this planet than up there. Looking over things like this is supposed to put you in your place, just like looking out into the night sky, and all that existential pish. Feel free to join in...

lay of the land.jpg

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I missed a bit!
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Never let it be said that I, the great Phibes, is bothered by no one joining in...the voices are my constant companions! I did think this might be a good idea. Get the brain cells firing off, but I must have turned-up on the wrong day.

Anyone fancy a seance?

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