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(sry if I made some spelling mistakes but I did my best hope you guys like it :) )

Hey Explorers! 

                         I was sitting in my shelter for the storm and I tought that there was only one event the storm itself nothing else,  and I ran into the idea of a comet event. The comet canbe visited for a short amount of time and can be only seen from a the planets who it passes true (not the beginner planet) the comet itself is like a tiny mine with a resource that can be only found on te comet itself nowhere else.

My second event is a meteor rain when a planet or a part of a planets surface has no resources left there (maybe) a meteor rain that hit the surface of the planet it can be seen from space where the meteors hit so you can land there also it can be a event where a meteor hits your base and blows a part of your base to pieces.

The thirt event is a earthquake destroying bases and flattens the ground fun for some action and also more dum I think the damage still shout be light because losing you hole base is very very anouying when youre trying to explore a planet. (plus I think its not very fun to lose your base in this way its way cooler if a meteor hits your base and then BOOOM!!!! EVERYTHING IS GONE this way is a lot more fun to see and happen)

Material Waste such as from making copper or any metal that there is material waste that is dangerous. This makes getting materials harder and more of a challenge (I think its a little weird to just mine and have resources by instand)With this idea I want to make a place to dumb my waste underground to another planet or just next to my base gives me a little my toxic in game it can be also damaging your health when your just dumping it in the open and plants will die (not something that realy is astroneer like but still very cool and stil fits ingame)

A builting system just like subnautica [game on steam =    ] make it that you can built above ground and under and use this last added base building system as a scout base ez to pack up and move (like a mongolian yurt) I like the base system now its just and idea this is just a lot of work to add and the base buildings system has been updated not long ago soo I dont exspect much 


Some random toughts

A knockout time before you die to oxigen soo that your friend can save you when youre exploring in a cave (needs oxigen tank to save a friend)

better rendered planet on the horizon

metal detector to find metal true the ground 

better rocket landing on planets 

lighting when storming

able to rappel mountens/or with picaxes

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