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Modules not connected when loading saved game

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Lets be fair straight up - for a pre-alpha this thing is pretty solid for me. No crashes, and the only bugs are things that can mostly be worked around (so far)

I have a couple of save games that have this bug. Saving and loading doesn't fix it. In one I have a smelter that isn't connected to anything else. It *looks* connected, but no power or tether flows through the link. Kind of annoying as I cant remove the offending module to re-create, and just have to make a second module of the same type.

I think it happened under these conditions. (The reason I think it happened like this is that if you have a ghost node that hasn't been built yet, and you save then load the game, it doesn't look connected properly, even though the "ghost" node is still there.)

* Click to expand a node out - but do NOT put resin in the slot

* Save game

* Exit, then reload game

* Put resin in the slot, then double resin in the next one to make it into a module.

* Voila - it looks connected but isn't really.


Running win10, x64, windowed mode. GTX760 card.

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