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This is astroneer. Astroneer is all about space and yet we dont have any contact with space except when launching to other planets

Here is my idea: space station

             New printed item: Space habitat.

             A building module for space

            windows and other building features.


           ZERO GRAV

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Could be one direction what to add to game later. I would see that those parts are not right away printable but you have to salvage blueprints from the wrecks first.

Then you could build space station at ground and then launch it to orbit (i have pile of thrusters and have to use them to somewhere :D)

One funny add to this thing would be that you have to attach those solarpanel wrecks to space station to get it to power, otherwise there will be dark inside xD

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I really want to see space stations and what porama said actually is kinda what they do irl. Basically they build a room then send into space were a airlock attaches to another part. This would be a cool way to add launch stations as well. Perhaps this could be a new way to travel to planets

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