Weirdness with partial stacks

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So I've been encountering 'partial stacks' when using the drill head/crane setup.  You can't seem to select them at all.  I've had some fall off the crane.  What's really troublesome, is there was one on a storage thing (the small one built at 3D Printer) on my truck with a partial on it, and for some reason it jumped into my backpack when I got on my vehicle.  I haven't managed to reproduce that one though.  However I have a partial stuck in my backpack I can't select, which kinda sucks.  Also in the same theme of that, I have a few stuck to storage modules.  I usually just try to put that storage module on my truck when I plan to drill that resource.   But it's still troublesome with partial organics getting onto everything.


Probably need to rethink how the drill head handles partials.

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