Can't get vehicle bay to do anything

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I built the vehicle bay but can't get it to do anything. It shows the Large Storage but no matter what I do it won't build. 

Come to think of it I don't think I unlocked the large storage. Bug? I have unlocked the medium Rover but can't see that. 

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Couple of thoughts:


make sure you are not standing in the way of the printer. If you are in the way it won’t print. Also try repositioning the vehicle bay as the print area may be blocked by a terrain feature. 

@Martinjg are you getting the option in the vehicle bay for a rover or no option at all?

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I wasn't able to even see the ghost of the rover, but since the last update i loaded my save, did nothing but suddenly I was able to print it. I mean im a lil bit underwhelmed, it is really hard to steer and every time i get of it goes ballistic but well

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