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Astroneer is a great game as it is but it is in it's alpha stage meaning there is lots for to add. One of my ideas is that Astroneer should contain more survival like essentials. Here are two of my ideas:

1. Food - I believe food should be an item in this game to make it more challenging but before creating a server there          would be a difficulty option which change the amount of food you would need daily to survive. Food could be obtained from destroyed ships, killing plants, and from organics. On the hardest difficulty you would need five units of food each day. On medium you would need three each day. On easy you would only need to eat one.

2. Drinking Water- Just like food, water would add a more survival like aspect to the game. Changeing difficulty would also change the amount needed. Water could be abtained by filling a canister with soil then extracting  a material, using the material extractor,  leaving behind a canister with some fresh ground water. On a hard difficulty you would need to drink five units a day. On medium, three, and on easy you would need one.

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@Malachite - this was something I was thinking about too. Survival would be even more important, initially, that finding resources...unless those resources were used to produce oxygen or power. It's a bit like adding life-support to KSP. You have a totally new level to your game.

The food idea is obvious. The need to convert protein into muscle energy is pretty important, especially when you are wandering about and exerting yourself. If you eat the correct amount, or a bit more, you function just right. Not enough and over time your ability to perform physical tasks will diminish. However, you can also add mental fatigue into this - if you are feeling nasty. I'm sure after a few days of a reduced diet, and still having to performing manual labour, an Astroneers ability to operate mining equipment will not be as good as it was when he/she had a fully belly.

What about quality of food? Surviving on poor quality foodstuffs is not only detrimental to physical well being, but to mental health too. Bad food = bad moral. Oh yes, I can survive out in the wild on bugs and berries, but I would be much happier with MRE's.

Water - you said it all. Everyone wants fresh water, but isn't too keen of recycled stuff. After all, you know where it came from!

Why stop there? What about waste? Even if you have to just bury it. Urine can be recycled. I once saw a news report where they made something that looked like Donner meat from recycled, and processed, dung. However, I think I would eat ANYTHING before that...even real Donner meat. It is a consideration when it comes to survival.

Moral and mental health would be great survival aspects to explore too, and wouldn't need to be that complicated to simulate. KSP has a mod for it that does an excellent job. It requires things like a comfortable habitat, amount of time worked versus time rested, and a few other very basic mechanics.

Even the multi-player aspect can come into play. Survival situations are much better with a 'friend' and it feels so much better when sitting around a campfire with another soul. You would be surprised what you can laugh away when you have someone to laugh with!

Sorry to waffle!

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@Jamnan- how do you know, with research, if the 'organics' can be eaten? You might have to construct a convertor or processor first. As for using food and have to! Well, you don't have to, but it won't end well!

I'm sure when you first land on your new world they send some supplies or rations until you get set-up. They don't require much space today, so i'm sure 'space food' will be much more efficient in both storage and its ability to deliver a good meal.

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