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I think this game would grab in a lot more of an audience if you had a map. Now maybe not like a button you press to get the map, but like an item you can put on your character, so kind of like the solar panel you can put on your character but it is only active when it it in one of those 2 slots. It would make younger people more interested in the game and it would also allow for a broader audience.  Any ideas to add on comment them please.

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3 hours ago, RFreshton said:


My idea is for the addition of satellites and satellite imagery to the game to improve gameplay by adding a map where the user can see a live feed of the planet from the satellite giving the player a bird's eye view of where they are. having the lander be able to fly up to the satellite and dock with it would be great and also give the player the ability to walk around the satellite and expand and upgrade it. i also think the satellite image should not show a map of the entire planet it should just show its view from where it is in space requiring the player to invest in multiple satellites to fill in the entire map. The map should also include placed beacons so the player can easily find there way to where they need to go on the planet without getting lost.

does this sound anything like what you were thinking of?

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