Some in-game text far too small for 32" 720P TV screen on Xbox / console

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I wasn't sure if I should put this as a bug or a suggestion, but decided it should be considered a bug because it makes the game very hard to play in my situation.

I only have a 32-inch 720P TV.  I find all of the button-icons and fonts far too smell and almost illegible on my TV.  I'm only sitting 2-3 metres from the screen and don't have this problem in any other game.

For example, whenever the Use (X) or Examine (Y) button icons up they are almost too small and low-resolution to see.  They should be enlarged.

Also, the font in some instrument panels is too small.  The fonts in the Research Chamber is so small I have to sit up and move within 1 - 1.5 metres of the screen to read it, which obviously isn't OK for a console gamer.

From memory the launchpad font is also too small.

Others like the Fabricator and the in-game hints are fine, so it's not all.  Just some of the smaller ones, and most importantly the X and Y button icons.

It was certainly an initial barrier to enjoyment of the game when I downloaded the Trial, but thankfully I persevered to enjoy this absolutely awesome game :-)

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Thanks for persevering! We definitely have noticed that some of the text and other elements need some visibility tweaking and we will address in an upcoming update!

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