add option for mouse capture.

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Perceived problem

I play astroneer on a multi-monitor PC. There is a tiny bit of bugginess in this, but mostly just a suggestion.

Astroneer does not capture the mouse pointer even when in full-screen mode.  This has benefits in some parts of gameplay - for example I am typing this post and checking the wiki on other screens without having to alt-tab out of the game. 

It does, however, create some unpredictable behaviour with camera movement and also with the terrain tool.  If I am modifying terrain and the mouse pointer leaves the area of the game screen, sometimes the game will not detect the mouse-up event and will continue to behave as if I had the LMB depressed until I press and release again.  Also if I am holding RMB and the pointer leaves the game screen I will suddenly have RMB context menus in other applications popping up when all I was trying to do was move the camera in Astroneer.

Suggestion to address this problem:  Two possible ways to address this have occurred to me.

1. Add an in-game option for the game to capture the mouse pointer (ie not allow the mouse pointer outside of the game screen area) or

2. have the game capture the mouse except when the ESCAPE menu is active

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