Update Brings Back Flying Trucks

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Whenever I exit a truck, the entire thing flies a few feet away. Normally it doesn't go very far, but it still makes it nearly impossible to charge it or use the crane. The last time this happened, I ended up underneath the truck. I decided the best solution was to just enter and exit since I was stuck. However, upon entering, the truck clipped through the ground and now we're stuck in the ceiling of a very, very deep cave. Either or introduced the bug.

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To clarify, I'm playing version on Steam. The thing about being stuck under it only happens every time I exit the Crane.


Also, after some more testing, I noticed that the large rover slides around a lot when you aren't pressing a direction. This used to be a problem a year or so ago as well. That combined with getting dumped under the rover when you finish drilling makes the Crane almost unusable.

It might be worth noting that the bit about the crane has only been tested on the Tundra planet. The rover sliding around and leaping away upon exit has been tested on Terran, Tundra and Irradiated.

P.S. I managed to find my way out of that cave, along with the rover, so no losses :D

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