Please fix vehicle mechanics - constantly changing how the vehicle drives hurts more than helps...


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For all of us who know how to drive, how to use mirrors, etc... Driving in Astroneer is absolute hell...


I could understand the mechanics if they were for aerial drones because it would make sense for that application - but for vehicles where the seat is facing a certain direction and when you expect to press W to move in that direction, S for the opposite, A to turn the wheels left, and D for right... it doesn't...


You press W while you use the camera to look at something else and then, instead of continuing in the direction of travel - which is expected - the unexpected happens and your vehicle flips, slams on the brakes, starts spinning like it's on ice, or something else which drains valuable energy - especially on the new large rovers which take forever to get up to speed....


PLEASE - At least add an option to disable this terrible mechanic... When I drive, I know how to drive and I know what happens when I turn the wheels left or right and go backwards... I can control the vehicle much better without this wacky system in place which depends on the camera angle and not the vehicle.. ).

Honestly, locking the forward position wouldn't even be a bad idea ( except on vehicles used for towing ) to either the expected location ( new large rover has 1 front and 2 rear axles - haven't seen the small yet ) or which end the driver is sitting in...


As of right now, the the current driving mechanism makes driving unpalatable - and because vehicles are incredibly necessary for the game ... the game too...



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I should've actually said: 'for wheeled vehicles' ... or extended it by adding 'which don't have an independently rotating wheel-base vs cabin' it makes no sense to have the controls as they are... However, for an aerial drone application it actually makes a lot more sense to move based on the direction the camera is facing ( please add aerial drones )...

The constant sliding is terrible.

The constant being thrown into the air when touching a small rock is annoying and eats your forward momentum.

All optical mice I've ever owned have at one point or another started reporting the mouse moving laterally at the fastest possible rate due to an artifact or a single hair making its way into the sensing field - Combined with driving as it currently is - this means all momentum is lost and you are thrown into random directions each physics update...



If you add remotely controlled quad-copters - use this mechanic... it makes a lot of sense if the camera rotates on the copter - just have a giant ring around the entire craft to emphasize it can move in any direction based on camera direction..

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+1 for more sensible driving controls. 

W/S - Throttle/Brake-Reverse 

A/D - Left/Right steering adjustment

Have it auto-center the steering as you drive (just like in a regular car).

"Spintires" is a game that has low-speed driving near (and over) obstacles nailed down. See if you can emulate how they do their control.

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