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I seem to understand what you mean, when you drive a rover somehow suddenly can not drive, while you're sure there is no blocking in front

I've had it and I realize it happens when the rover faces ahead of pebbles and plants that do not produce anything when sucked using a terrain tool.
but this can be overcome, the gravel and the plant will disappear when you suck it.

so my suggestion is you bring inhibitor mod, when out with rover to clear the road 


File:Icon inhibitor.png


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I had it happen once where I I was driving the rover and stopped momentarily. I didn't get out but just moved the camera around to get my bearings. Then when I tried to drive again it wouldn't move. But after getting out of the rover and back in I was able to drive again. I have not been able to recreate it and it only happened that once so not sure how helpful this is but I just wanted to say I experienced a time where I couldn't drive. When I got out of the rover and back in it jumped a little which maybe is what got it unstuck.

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