0.6.5 - XB1 - Ghost of platform needs a FRONT indicator

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0.6.5 - XB1 - Ghost of platform needs a FRONT indicator

Before deploying a base platform, you don't have any way of knowing which way its facing.

XBox One

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Right now when its in ghost form (blue outline), you don't know which way a platform is facing prior to deploying it.  After you unbox it, the platform has a red arrow showing the front (which way modules will face when deployed).

Please add a pointer to the blue outline so we know which way it will face.


Because I like to snap one platform to a slot in another platform so its exactly lined up (sorry, OCD) with it prior to placing it on the ground and unboxing.  This assures all cables and the base layout is consistent.  Unfortunately sometimes when its snapped to another platform prior to unboxing, the front gets faced the wrong way and I don't know that until after unboxing it.  Then I have to rotate it.  And since there is no snapping to cardinal directions, its very difficult to exactly line it back up.

If it had the arrow visible prior to unboxing it, I could tell which way its snapping to the other platform and rotate it while snapping.


Obviously this only applies to symmetrical base platforms.  The giant wall is pretty obvious which way its facing.  But the others, well, please add the arrow :)


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I would LOVE this! I have wondered about this also, why we can’t have a “front” arrow on the disposable packaging. I’d suggest doing so for everything. I realize the modules will face whatever direction the arrow on the platform is pointing, but if they consider adding a mark or arrow to the front of platform boxes I don’t see why they can’t just mark ALL the boxes while they’re at it. Sometimes on Xbox One if it’s dark or the light is at an angle producing a lot of glare it can be difficult to see the arrow. It’s easier imho to label them across the board with a “front” indicator. I agree, it’s a feature that would be very nice to have.

Another thing, I hope they will add specific iconography (artwork) to the printer and vehicle bay packaging. Right now they have generic print on their boxes. If I print one of these and go off and later come back, I have no idea what’s inside unless I hover over it to view the underlying hologram. Perhaps they didn’t have the artwork ready when the last update was shipped out, idk. The research module, smelter, and mineral extractor all have their own unique iconography. While it’s probably not necessary, it might be worth considering the placement of an initial on the center of the platform icon on their boxes (for example, A-D, XL, etc)  to clarify which type of platform is contained in each box (for times when you’ve stacked or stored the boxes, and aren’t looking at the holographic images). This is less important, and I’m not sure many would use a feature like this. Still, it  certainly wouldn’t hurt and it might aid in identifying platforms that are still packaged and stacked or otherwise stored for future use. I don’t recall such information being on the package but perhaps it is. Anyway, just a thought...

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Excellent response!

I didn't think about the box until now.  But you are completely right.  The boxes need something on them to indicate their contents as well as orientation.  If the contents indicator was only on the front, well there is the solution to both problems.  You know the front because thats where the printing is, and you know whats in it because its printed there!

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The arrow is already present on the hologram view, albeit very faint (try rotating with X and Z until you see it).  Simply changing the arrow opacity on the hologram view would be sufficient for me.  non-generic graphics for yet-deployed boxes would be nice as well.

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