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0.6.5 - XB1 - Constancy needed in platform utilization

The game is very non-uniform in the utilization of platform slots.  Any production base module should be consistent as to where it deposits output materials.  I don't care whether its the left side or the right side that is the primary output but pick one and make it the same on every base module.

XBox One

Version / Build Number:


Not positive when it started but it was in one of the more recent patches.  The smelter has changed where it deposits output metals.  It now outputs to the row of 4 smelting slots before choosing to output to either of the companion (when attached to a large platform) slots.  It appears to favor outputting to the left companion slots when the 4 smelter slots are occupied.  The smelter will take ore from either companion slots.

This one outputs primarily to the right companion slot.

This one seems to output to the left companion slot.  Will take Ammonium from either companion slots but won't take canisters.

This one does not deposit its return onto any storage.


The request:
What I am asking for is uniformity.  Pick either left or right as primary output slot (I would like it to be left first, then right but I don't care deeply which is first).  All output from all modules should go to the primary slot FIRST.  And always the same slot (be it right or left) if it has free slots.  Smelter should STOP outputting to the 4 input slots unless all companion slots are full.  And please have the smelter eject the last piece of metal from its output.  This would allow us to consistently predict where things are going to go in every platform with every module.


The result (if uniformity were implemented):

I could drop a medium storage with 8 malachite onto the left slot beside the smelter and when its complete, that same medium storage would be filled with 8 copper.  Why does that not work now?  Because the smelter won't deposit to that side and favors depositing them onto its 4 input slots. It also does not eject the last piece from the output.   I still have to pick those up and put them on the storage. 

In addition, I could drop a medium storage with 8 malachite onto the left slots and a storage with 8 Laterite and walk away.  When its done, I would come back to one storage full of copper and one full of aluminum.  Why this doesn't work now?  If you do that it seems to randomly pull from the storage intermixing copper and aluminum going to the storage tabs.  And, obviously, leaving some on the input 4 slots and on the output slot.  Its a mess.

I can place a medium storage with 8 canisters on the left slot of the soil condenser.  It will fill itself and return the canisters to the medium storage.  Why does that not work now?  Because the soil condenser wants to output to the RIGHT slot, not the left.

I can put a medium storage with 4 empty canisters and 4 ammonium onto the left slot of the Hydrazine Catalyzer and it will suck up the empty canisters and the 4 ammonium and produce 4 canisters of hydrazine back on the medium storage.  Why does this not work now?  It won't take the canisters off a storage.  And it doesn't deposit the hydrazine canisters back onto the storage.  If this was fixed you could drop a medium storage with 8 ammonium and another with 8 empty canisters and walk away.  Come back later to have the left storage full of 8 hydrazine and an empty storage on the right.



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