Time for some options PLEASE!

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Suggestion to System Era:

Don't you think its time to have some options in the game? 

I would like for you to put in a yes/no option for:

Save when entering Habitat: Yes/No
Save when entering Rovers: Yes/No
Save when entering Shuttles: Yes/No
Save when launching to Space: Yes/No
Save when exiting to Main Menu: Yes/No

Please put in a "Save Game" to the menu so we can manually save if we wish.
And lastly, please put in a "Reload Last Save" to the menu so if something happens, we can reload from the last save.

I feel its perfectly acceptable to have them default to yes.  But please let us turn them off.  ESPECIALLY with these game killing bugs like the dead zones and such.  Its entirely possible to kill a save now because it force saves when you enter anything (hab, shuttle, rover).  Please let us choose when it saves.

There have been many many times I didn't want it to save but it did.  And there are times I have had to go back to the dasboard (xbox) and kill Astroneer so it wouldn't save and then wait the horrendous long load time again.


Thank you for considering this.

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I think that during the preview proccess you should be able to save it ONLY when you press the save button, due to bugs and this abillity will be removed within the official release.

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Frankly I HATE forced autosaves.  Its one of the things I despise about the Java and Bedrock versions of minecraft.  It forces saves.  Pisses me off.  I prefer the XB1 and XB360 versions where you can turn autosave off.  And you can exit your world with or WITHOUT saving.  If you screw up, you can exit without saving.

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