Weather/Storms/Natural Catastrophes

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I liked the thing about a storm coming out of nowhere in the middle of my exploration. A sand storm comes by and i immediately dig a hole or i run as fast as possible to a cave or even to my habitat. That's something nice to be worried and not only gathering resources and building stuff. Surviving a natural catastrophe is like a pause in what being an astronaut means and you just want to survive that first and then "yes, let's continue the job".

There could be earthquakes and some planets could have insane earthquakes more likely to happen than others. Various types of weather like: 

Simple rainy days (yes, could have a duration days depending on the planet i suppose), thunderstorms, tornados, tsunamis (assuming there's a sea in that planet) and every single one to be randomly happening. I'd like to see meteorites falling and the possibility of having materials/resources gathered from them and those being extremely rare. There could be volcanoes too. I think it would be pretty much nice to see these things in a game like this. 

A day/night cycle is already awesome imo and adding random astronomical events would be breathtakingly beautiful in this game. Events like lunar/solar eclipses, northern lights, meteor shower with them being observable by the player in a specific machine and a camera to capture those specific (and rare) moments!

Thanks in advance.

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Dude I totally agree with adding inclement weather, It would add a lot more depth and danger to the game. Now you would actually have to be cautious about exploring uncharted areas and be weary of storms and such. 

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