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You can't select anything when you leave the base block

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===========================The following content comes from Google Translate=======================================

I encountered a strange bug. The steps are as follows: Prepare two work lights, a mid-sized stroller, a bright work light on the front, and another work light on the ground. Then put the car on the ground. The power interface is connected to the closed work light on the ground. Then the work light that was originally placed on the front will disappear. Then the work light on the ground will be recovered and the stroller will return to the base. Then the problem of unclickable will occur, only on the black ground. You can click on other things. In addition, if you have a work light bug, if you have already installed a work light on your body and then continue to produce work lights, then the work lights produced later will go straight into your backpack and will not open properly when you use them.

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