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Items that i would believe to make the game better (that i dont think are on the road map)

  1.  to get people exploring the surface more & not deep underground (which bores me) you should have to get data disk (or the Artificial Research Items which makes more sense (how does a plant provide bytes of information to make a shuttle?) which should be on some crash sites on the surface (i have suggested this before)
  2. have distress beacons going off to lure players to explore certain areas including other planets
  3. having a way to check which direction your home or vehicle or any other beacons are! (a Must!!!)
  4. Having higher tier items locked until you have researched the lower tiered items,  this will help fix research pacing but not solve it (large rover after small rover)
  5. Have a higher cost for items printed of the medium printer & Vehicle bay
  6. Having to repair your base from storm or meteor
  7. have a power gauge on your habitat like the vehicles (because i think the new one stores power? if it does it not very clear)
  8. Having a small buggie e.g. slot for seat & one slot for like a solar panel
  9. Solar panels do not work during sand storm & the wind turbine work in a sand storm (the wind turbine never seems to generate power so i rarely use it)

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a buggie already exists in the form of medium rover (which has 2 tier 2 slots and 2 tier 2 slots that can be closed by a connection).

try bringing a method of base being demaged and how can you repair it.

losing your base as being on a mobile "base" rover is problem, but its part of the game so you can not really get rid of.

artificial research items are supposed to be rare, and this is why they bring so many credits, you can learn from the nature more then you can believe, moreover, you need lots of learning to do it which is being approved by the lower credits of it.

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the new habitat is producing power.

being able to research a large rover before being able to research a medium rover and all of this case is clearly disagreed between players, but the most are agreeing with you.

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